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It’s Been A While…

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It’s Been A While…

It’s been a little while, but we’re back. The best way to keep you – the customer – up to date with new products, new manufacturer’s and industry news is right here; on our blog. Since our last post a few years back, there have been a lot of updates and changes that we have missed sharing with you and so it is our goal to keep you informed on the latest trends, news, products and partners as it refers to our business and you!

To start, we’re not only keeping up to date with our blog posts, but we are new on two major social platforms, Instagram & Facebook. You can search us on Instagram using the handle @amf_sales or on Facebook at AMF Sales & Associates. We are keeping you up to date daily and if you have questions which need immediate response and don’t know where to turn message us and we will reach out shortly after!

We’re making some changes to the site! If you are familiar with, you may have already noticed some updates, but if not…here’s what’s new!

  • Our Brands: this is now easier than ever to access through the header with a drop down menu showcasing all of our partners. No more scrolling down to the bottom of our homepage to find who you’re looking for.
  • CMS Displays: Speaking of brands, we’ve recently partnered with CMS Displays to offer you and your customers custom millwork displays for all of your needs. They’ve done supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, retail stores and many more. We are going to highlight their brand and our partnership more in an upcoming blog so stay tuned. For now, you can find more information here.
  • COMING SOON: We are still transitioning our site so what’s in the works you ask? We understand filling out the contact us form isn’t the most personal so we’re bringing our team to the forefront and adding a team page. Here you can check out who is who, who does what and all of our contact information. Remove the guessing game, you will know exactly who to reach out to with your needs!

That’s all for now but be sure to check back soon for more website updates and learn more about CMS Displays, our newest partner!

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