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Do Americans Prefer Grocery Shopping Online?

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Do Americans Prefer Grocery Shopping Online?

It’s been a question which has been top of consumer as well as store owners for a few years now; is it better to shop online or in stores? While there’s no definitive answer but left to opinion, there are many pros and cons to each for both parties.

If you want to save money and time, online shopping may be your best bet – you will be able to view the cost of each item before you hit checkout as well as what you’d spend on gas to get to the store. Does what you’re about to save make up for the lack of variety of choice for the customer? Either online shopping choice (in-store pick up or at home delivery) lacks the ability for the end consumer to choose ripeness, freshness or any other selections one would look for when choosing their produce. 

Studies have shown that although they perceive the online shopping option to be overwhelmingly convenient…Americans still prefer to go to the store and choose their haul. What put consumers over the top on this decision was customer experience while at the brick and mortar store. 

Which leaves us asking the question…how can you stand out to your customers?

Proper display and storage is crucial. You’ve seen from reading above the main reason people choose to come to the store rather than shop online is for the produce. They want to physically choose the fruits or vegetables and know that what they are buying is fresh. Contact us today to learn the best option for your storage and display needs so that you can provide top freshness & aesthetic appeal to your customers.

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