Customer Safety & Efficient Shopping Trips this Holiday Season
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Prep Now: Safe & Quick Holiday Shopping for Your Customers!

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Prep Now: Safe & Quick Holiday Shopping for Your Customers!

We read recently about the implementations the Target Corporation is making when it comes to the safety and promptness of shopping in stores this holiday season. Customer safety, while quickly getting them through the store is of the utmost importance.

This should not only be a priority to this large corporation. It should also be a focus of smaller scale grocery and liquor stores this winter.

COVID-19 has been the stressor of 2020 for all areas in retail.  However with the cold weather upon us and flu season already lurking, it is imperative to act now to take the necessary precautions for customer safety. Simple changes and updates can greatly affect the flow of your store.

Heavy-traffic areas, long lines, highly touched areas & high volume. These are all areas of concern when it comes to the spreading of germs.

  1. Heavy-traffic areas: These can be places like the meat & seafood departments and occasionally the bakery. To minimize back up consider adding in mobile serving carts from Randell by Unified Brands. These carts can be stocked with popular holiday products and moved to a less densely populated area. These can be moved quickly and easily.
  2. Long Lines: The rush of shoppers during this time frequently cause back up at the registers. To minimize not only the wait time but also the overcrowding at the front of the store consider adding mobile and convertible checkout lanes from Royston. Not only can you move the check stand throughout the store for mobile checkout but these can also be utilized outside. this would work well for pick-up options, seasonal outdoor decoration options and more. The convertible checkout can be switched from self-serve to full-service in minutes. This will give you the option to have “all lanes open” even when short staffed or callouts.
  3. High Touch Areas: Think shopping carts, refrigerated door handles, bathroom doors, etc. It’s busy enough for you to need a full staff let alone adding on employees to sanitize these locations. Save in labor costs by adding SaniCart from Prodew at your location! The mobile sanitization delivery system’s simplistic design allows the user to release a disinfectant of choice into the environment. The fine, dry fog leaves surfaces dry eliminating slippery surfaces this minimizing slips.

The holidays are stressful enough; we can help you have a safe & holiday season – contact us today!

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