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How is Your Business Pivoting?

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How is Your Business Pivoting?

If you’ve been out post lock-down than you’ve seen some of the recent changes business are making. They are adhering to regulations but also accommodating the comfort of the guest experience.

The supermarket and retail industries were set to focus on the in-store customer experience to combat the increased demand for online shopping. With all the twists and turns of 2020; this theory continues to be increasingly prevalent.

Customers are beginning to reenter society.  They’re looking for a standout experience whether shopping or dining out. Mega-store Walmart is leaning into the changes by thinking WAY outside of the box. “Camp by Walmart” in addition to drive-in movies after dark has been a way for the company to rethink how they can provide service to their customers.

How can you adapt to the new needs of your customers without breaking the bank? Think small scale, therefore cost effective. Think new product, “pop-up” sidewalk sale or the experience of being in your store.

We’d be happy to help with any new ideas you have already come up with, or would love the opportunity to meet to discuss options which haven’t been discovered yet.

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