MIDA Self-Contained Case from Hillphoenix
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Introducing: MIDA Self-Contained Cases

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Introducing: MIDA Self-Contained Cases

We’re pleased to announce the launch of three new self-contained island cases, the MIDA-3, MIDA-4, and MIDA-8. This is the first in a series of propane (R-290) self-contained cases being introduced by Hillphoenix. These cases are a part of the Second Nature® family of natural refrigerant technologies.

MIDA-8 Self-Contained Case

The MIDA-8 is a 4’x8′ medium-temperature Island cases that maximize product visibility allowing for a wide merchandising range from meats to berries.

MIDA-4 Self-Contained Case

The MIDA-4 has been created for the same use as the MIDA-8 however, a smaller frame of 4’x4’. The square design makes this model extremely accessible from all sides allowing for 360 degree merchandising.

MIDA-3 Self-Contained Case

The MIDA-3 is a 3’x3’ medium-temperature case with stacking height of 8” designed to merchandise deli, bakery and berry products.

Designed with an eco-friendly natural refrigerant, the MIDA units stack height of 6” (8” with MIDA-3) and glass or Plexi-glass panels. The unit allows for lower average product temperatures therefore increasing optimum energy efficiency.

Optimized to showcase raw protein the MIDA-4 and MIDA-8 units have the flexibility to hold a wide range of products, which can include deli, dairy, cut or bulk produce, and fruit/berries.

Are you looking for ways to keep your produce and deli items fresh? What about your store; with these cases you are able to quickly and easily change the layout and feel of your existing space! Plus, the MIDA self-contained cases offer you eco-friendly cooling options to decrease energy costs; saving you money. Contact us today to learn more about these new case options and see which case is best for your location!

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