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John Boos & Co.

Top quality products of beauty, durability and function. Our pride in craftsmanship represents John Boos & Co.’s commitment to detail and is proudly displayed as the final touch to many of our heirloom quality products. Pride and Craftsmanship are the key ingredients in everything we do.


Boards / Blocks / Kitchen Furniture

  • Cutting Boards
  • Traditional Butcher Blocks
  • Kitchen Islands / Tables
  • Gourmet Butcher Blocks
  • Kitchen Carts

Countertops / Surfaces

  • Countertops / Islands
  • End Grain Island Tops
  • Stainless Steel Countertops
  • Commercial / Workbench Tops
  • Dining Table Tops / Bases

Work Tables

  • Stainless Steel Work Tables
  • Maple Work Tables
  • Poly Work Tables
  • Maple Bakers Tables
  • Stainless Enclosed Base Tables
  • Maple Enclosed Base Tables
  • Poly Enclosed Base Tables

Sinks / Grease Traps / Faucets

  • Compartment Sinks
  • Platter Sinks
  • Mop Sinks
  • Hand Sinks
  • Metal Grease Traps
  • Pre-Rinse Units / Faucets


  • Clean Dishtables
  • Soiled Dishtables
  • Dishtable Accessories

Shelves / Racks / Stands

  • Over Shelves
  • Wall Shelves
  • Wall Shelves with Pot Rack
  • Microwave Shelves
  • Dunnage Racks
  • Keg Racks
  • Cooler Racks
  • Meat Boat Racks
  • Pot Racks
  • Machine Stands
  • Equipment Stands
  • Steam Table Boards

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