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Liquor sales on the rise…keep product in stock

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Liquor sales on the rise…keep product in stock

It’s like Christmas in…well the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Without the option of going to a bar, more people have been buying off-sale wine, beer & liquors. This brings about a large increase in sales volume for the alcohol sales industry. With that brings an increase in need to keep shelves, backrooms and merchandisers full although not enough man power to keep stocking.

Keeping customers and staff 6 feet apart in stores – especially smaller liquor stores – is difficult. Gravity feed shelving is the solution to keep your shelves stocked without needing additional personnel during a time where space and capacity are being limited. These shelves allow gravity to pull your stock forward upon the first bottle being removed therefor items do not appear to be missing or out of stock. Customers will see all products you offer without needing to reach back to the rear of the shelf.

An alternative solution from new aisle shelving is to add gravity feed end caps. These mirror how the shelving functions however these can be added at the end of an existing aisle. This increases merchandising space. End caps are a great addition for holiday or seasonal products which you want to feature over those times.

Whether you’re remodeling, building a new store or just looking for ways to maximize sales; message us today to learn more about the gravity feed shelving.

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