National Savings Day: Ways to Save in the Supermarket & Retail Industries
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National Savings Day: Improve Your Bottom Line

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National Savings Day: Improve Your Bottom Line

Although a newly recognized holiday, National Savings Day is as important for customers as it is for store owners & managers. This nationally recognized day is not solely focused money though also energy, time, resources, etc.

Supermarkets, grocery and liquor stores are able to combine their savings with simple changes. These changes will improve your bottom line therefore saving energy, time, labor costs & much more.

  • Natural Refrigerant: CO2 is a “natural refrigerant” that is non-ozone-depleting with almost no global warming potential. Utilizing CO2 allows for a greener operation therefore saving you up to 18% annually on energy costs. Increasing your bottom line does not stop there. Products stay fresher longer when using natural refrigerant, thus reduced loss. Hillphoenix, a leading manufacturer in commercial refrigeration provides small and large format options for natural refrigerant; making this available to all retailers.

  • Reduced Footprint: Using less of any product will reduce your footprint. Using less energy by ensuring refrigeration doors are not leaking or left open will greatly reduce your footprint and subsequently your energy costs. EnergyStar estimates that $1 in energy savings inside a grocery store is equivalent to increasing counter sales by $59…woah! Rollseal technology not only ensures a solid seal each time, it also regulates the time in which the door is open. Less time open = less energy used = smaller footprint.

  • Increase Employee/Customer Interaction (Safely): New mandates have called for ramped up cleaning efforts and in-turn increased labor hours. More employees in the store = increased customer experience…wrong. You’ve had to add hours to sanitize which pulls employees off the floor. Bring value back to your store and to your employees by utilizing Prodew Inc. SaniCart to clean the store. You’ll find your employees are happier interacting with customers again and you can ensure all surfaces will be cleaned efficiently.

  • Cut Labor Cost: To echo the bullet above, you’ve hired your employees for various reasons. Their ability to be in front of the customers and represent your brand is probably at the top of the list. Employees enjoy being the face of your store through assisting customers therefore, being able to share their knowledge of the various products. Keeping them in the back restocking or keeping their focus on restocking shelves is a disservice to their talents. Gravity-feed shelving is a way to let a free resource (gravity) do the work for you! Storflex shelving and end-caps allow for just that.

National Savings Day should be celebrated more frequently however, small changes make a big impact to your bottom line and in turn to the environment. We’d love to discuss the different options available to you so message us today!

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