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New Manufacturers at AMF Sales

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New Manufacturers at AMF Sales

While we were stuck at home, we were working on ways to further enhance our catalog! A larger variety of supermarket equipment therefore more options for you and for your customers. From new technology to sanitizing devices – we have the means to keep you ahead of the curve while keeping your community safe. While we’ve added on new partners, be sure to check out our existing partners and the products the offer here.

New Product Lines:

  • Caper AI: Smart self-checkout cart, items are instantly detected as they enter the cart. Technology includes: store navigation & item location, shop & pay on the cart. Personalized deals & recommendations are also available. The integration is seamless & enhances the store experience. Learn more here.
  • John Boos & Co: Provides all of the essentials for a functional kitchen set up. From worktables to overhead shelving and more. Custom styles and measurements are available to meet your needs. 
  • The Peggs Co: Shopping carts, hand-baskets, rolling hand-baskets, e-commerce carts & so much more. Short lead times and many color options for all products!

  • Prodew: Perishable control equipment for supermarkets & food storage facilities. Offering misting systems for fruit, vegetable, cheese and seafood displays. Display case humidity systems for produce, meat, seafood, deli & flower displays are also available. Complete surface and air sanitization package provided by SaniCart™ micro-fog sanitization and ClensAir™ air purifier technologies. These unique technologies are pro-active solutions that can help stop the further spread COVID-19 in all effected industries.

For more information on these or any of our other supermarket equipment and manufacturers, reach out and in addition; sign up to receive our monthly company news alerts ! We’re able to meet in-person or virtually; whichever suits your level of comfort!

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