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New Ways to Keep Cool: EcoBlade by Hillphoenix

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New Ways to Keep Cool: EcoBlade by Hillphoenix

Staying ahead of the curve is the most important rule in business; it’s no different with technology in the supermarket industry. Positioning ourselves with the most innovative manufacturer’s gives us an advantage when working and the latest news from our partners at Hillphoenix is sure to put you in best position heading into 2020:

The Ecoblade® twin-fin design takes its inspiration from the aerodynamic spoilers on race cars. Slicing through
the air, controlling and directing wind turbulence, creating downdrafts…who knew those effects would prove
just as effective on the front-facing edge of refrigeration case shelving?

How Ecoblade Works.
Ecoblade attaches to the front edge of a cold case shelf. It’s unobtrusive — customers have no idea there’s even anything there — but it has a huge impact on a case’s cooling performance. The “fins” on Ecoblade help control the inevitable turbulence that occurs in an open, refrigerated display case as the cold air spills over the shelves and meets the warmer ambient air temperatures outside the air curtain. Chilled air stays put.

Ecoblade Comes With Cool Benefits.
It simply makes sense — and cents — to improve the cold-keeping performance in a refrigerated case.

Here’s why:
• Ecoblade can save up to 33% in energy usage costs.
Food spoilage and product shrink are greatly reduced.
• Less “cold air spill” out of the case improves customer comfort in the aisles.
• Two unique options, specifically designed and tested for use on Hillphoenix open cases, allow for Ecoblade to attach directly to either flat or angled shelves.
• Retrofitting existing shelving with Ecoblade is a snap — it takes only minutes to install.
• Typical ROI is less than two years including installation costs!
• Comes preinstalled on new shelving and cases.
• The Ecoblade twin-blade design provides food retailers the opportunity to continue realizing the benefits of open, display case merchandising in a more efficient manner.


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