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Plastic Bag Ban & How to Adapt

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Plastic Bag Ban & How to Adapt

Photo via National Conference of State Legislatures

More than 9 states (6 of which are in the Northeast USA) have now banned the distribution of plastic shopping bags. Another 16 states have either placed a fee on use of these bags. And even more are in the beginning stages to take action on the matter.

Eliminating the use of these bags, or enacting a fee to reduce the number of bags, could mitigate harmful impacts on wildlife, forests & bodies of water. The legislation may also relieve the pressure on landfills & waste management companies.

While all this is positive for the environment, it may have an impact on the way your customers shop. Knowing they are unable to use the plastic bags may result in lessened items per transaction.

To adapt to this change in purchasing trend we’ve partnered with a manufacturer who specializes in reusable bag hooks. Providing a space for you to display reusable bags for purchase or for customers to prop their bags brought from home while bagging their groceries.

2020 and beyond will consistently be about adapting to change whether implemented by laws, or by demand of the customer. It’s important to remain in the forefront of the competition and within your customers’ minds. To do this; adapt quickly with small yet effective changes. The reusable bag hook being among the top adaptations.

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