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Post Pandemic Changes in Retail

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Post Pandemic Changes in Retail

It’s safe to say we’ve not only experienced an incredibly weird time, but we’re also tiptoeing back into “normalcy”.  One thing remains; the new normal that has been established for the foreseeable future.

Here are a few changes retailers can expect to remain in place:

Online Shopping is Permanent: More retailers have adopted curbside pickup, mobile apps & e-commerce as a way to help concerned shoppers receive their groceries during the pandemic. Popular retailers such as Stop & Shop and Target have quickly shifted their business model to reflect this pressure. Stores have remodeled their existing floor plans to create cold storage space for orders. In some cases they’ve added additional space or locations to fulfill this need. KPS Global works with robotics, integrators & consultants to develop an end-to-end solution for retailers who want to enter or grow in the online grocery space. Want to learn with OGP (online grocery pickup) solution is right for your business? We’re here to help.

Sustainability is a Priority: This goes for both a consumer standpoint of grass-fed products, fair trade items, etc. as well as from a retailer standpoint of green initiatives in cooling and refrigerant. Hillphoenix has multiple options for alternative cooling solutions; one being R-290. This replaces a HFC refrigerant & gives way to the following:

Less energy used (20-50% energy savings)
A simpler, more reliable refrigeration system
Drastically lower Global Warming Potential (3 GWP vs. 1,300+ for standard HFCs)

Small changes make a big impact. New HP cases are a great option for quick and easy change-outs in a store. There is no piping of refrigeration lines needed. Minimal shopping disruption, major long term savings.

On-The-Go Will Make its Return: This past year our schedules cleared, we had less need for quick grab and go food options. Now with a sense of normalcy coming back into our lives, while it may not be 5 days a week in the office, we will have the need for quick food options again. Convenience is something that will not change in our society so prepare for the demand to spike again in the upcoming weeks and months. Grab & go cases are a great way to merchandise prepared meals, quick bites & so much more.

We have seen many retail trends come and go over the years, It’s safe to say these are new norms as opposed to trends. Thinking you need to make some changes to your retail location? Contact us today to assist in the planning & execution to the end product.

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