Produce Freshness with Prodew Applications
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Prodew Produce Applications

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Prodew Produce Applications

Do you have customers who complain their produce is too wet after misting? Does your produce go bad quickly?

Prodew offers a variety of misting and fogging applications which will help to lengthen the shelf life without leaving produce wet or soggy. With the fine misting systems, even immediately after spraying, the produce is not saturated.

All of the applications provide the following:

  • Save you over $7,000 annually in supermarket applications
  • Maintain your products’ fresh appearance for increased sales
  • Pay for themselves in a few months
  • Improve nutritional content
  • Reduce product loss & prevent dehydration
  • Eliminate the need for ice
  • Extend the shelf life of your product
  • Save labor costs since product doesn’t need to be moved to overnight chillers
  • Have an eco-friendly design without PVC
  •  Use efficient nozzles for water conservation
  • NSF listed of whole system (controls, mist track and nozzles)
  • Use quality UL & CE approved electrical components
  • Versatile and fit every merchandising style and case layout
  • Uses low voltage to meet UL compliance

Applications Offered:

  • Misting: What is misting? Misting is the process of putting pressurized water droplets of approximately 100 microns into the
    air. This is done in timed intervals to maintain moisture levels and freshness. As a result, shelf life
    is extended considerably.
  • Fogmist: What is FogMist™? Prodew FogMist™ produces visually pleasing fog while maintaining vital humidity levels to
    extend product shelf life and reduce food waste. Features: case fronts & doors stay dry, easy to install and maintain, fits any case, customizable with timing control, easily hidden, does not produce excessive moisture, sprays fine, fog-like mist to maintain humidity.

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