Refrigeration Regulations in Retail: Are You Making Needed Changes?
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Refrigeration Regulations: Update or Build New?

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Refrigeration Regulations: Update or Build New?

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Are you aware of the refrigeration regulations already in effect or coming within the next 5 years? All retailers will be affected by these recent or new regulations. Making these changes early will alleviate the stress and headache of waiting until the last minute.

While these refrigeration systems will require change; you decide whether to do nothing in the face of certain change to come later. Or, make a choice from two options: update/retrofit existing equipment or build new.


The need to choose will come sooner or later — for all retailers. Although HFC refrigerants like 404A have no ozone depletion potential, they’re a greenhouse gas.

Updating or retrofitting may be a viable alternative to some. This is less disruptive and perhaps more economical in the short term. However, in the long run, it could cost a lot more depending on future regulations.

Choosing to building new, allows for the use of natural refrigerants like CO2 and hydrocarbons such as propane. Natural refrigerants are less expensive and abundant. They have zero impact on the environment and are more efficient. Economical and an all-around excellent choice for the future.

Hillphoenix offers low GWP, ODP solutions for years; we know how to do this because our expertise is grounded in time-tested experience. If you choose to upgrade or retrofit, we’ve got the most comprehensive product offerings in the industry.

Refrigeration regulations are not going anywhere. Therefore, by making the necessary changes you can help minimize the impact & disruption. Message us today to learn more about what we’re able to offer through Hillphoenix..

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