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RollSeal manufactures state-of-the-art automated roll-up fabric doors that help our customers save energy and money as well as add safety and efficiency to their operations. The doors are known across a range of industries for providing air-tight sealing, eliminating air infiltration and separating environments, whether they are being used in -10F freezer environments or 500F oven applications. This is accomplished with a patented 3-layer fabric configuration and our unique floating seal system.

SEAL . . .
The patented sealing technology of RollSeal provides an air-tight seal, bringing about energy savings and further separating environments.


Replacing a conventional style door with an automated option drastically reduces energy losses and provides a safer and more efficient system for your operation.


  • Refrigeration Door for Walk-In Cooler
  • Refrigeration Door for Walk-In Freezer
  • Ripening Room Doors

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