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Safety Products to Keep Your Employees Safe & Stop the Spread

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Safety Products to Keep Your Employees Safe & Stop the Spread

Act Now to Protect the Health of Your Employees during the Pandemic. These practices will become the new norm in the Supermarket Industry. Many stores have already adapted to these changes and are currently installing or ordering the protective and precautionary products.

Cashier Shields/Sneeze Guards: Eventually the wearing of masks will subside but then what defense do your employees have from even the spread of the common cold or flu. We install our shields from your ceiling (all heights) so that there is no damage to existing equipment and are easily removed to be stored for future use.The quick install will not disrupt therefore the store will be fully functional during these times. The installation of our shields requires no damage to existing equipment in the store. The shields are installed from the ceiling thus, can be easily removed and stored for future use. These additional precautions for the COVID-19 outbreak will benefit the community at times of flu seasons to come.

Distancing Signs & Decals: Using tape to determine 6 feet of distance is impractical & wasteful for both your time and your money. Purchasing proper distancing signs should be part of your pledge to stop the spread and maintain healthy steps moving forward.We also offer distancing signs to remind customers to keep 6 feet between other shoppers and employees. Decals can be customization with color, logo and store name.



Mobile Hand Sinks: The portable sinks have multiple purposes, but ultimately, it provides the convenience of water anywhere within reach of an electrical outlet or throughout the store for employees and customers alike to take an extra step in our safety. All models offer  5 gallon fresh water tank, 7 1/2 gallon waste water tank, electric water pump and soap and water dispensers with select models offering cold and hot water options,  hands-free foot pump options. All come fully assembled & ready to serve your community.

Mobile Checkstands: Curbside pick up has become much more common although what if you do not have the means to take payment online or over the phone? Mobile checkstands can be used throughout your stores both indoor and outdoor for versatile use. Increase checkout efficiency in any area of your store or distribute the checkstands throughout the store to eliminate crowds at the front of the store. Multiple colors, styles and configurations to support your image and operational requirements.
Durable powder coated steel keeps it looking new for a long time.


Touchless Automatic Doors: Touchless activation can be added to new doors and previous generation (legacy) model RollSeal doors. Touchless Activation Kits include a combination of Passive Infrared Motion and/or Wave Sensors that enable your door to be activated without touching a conventional switch. This optimizes the flow of traffic throughout your facility; for example, personnel do not have to press a button to open the door. Furthermore, whether in a food processing facility or a manufacturing plant, touchless activation reduces the spread of pathogens as personnel do not have to make physical contact with the communal activation switch.

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Stay safe, stay healthy!

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