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Having an organized and well-displayed shelf can have a significant impact on purchase behavior because products out of sight significantly affect your ROI. Gravity Flow Shelving can help to keep your shelves full because of the design of the unit. When products such as beverages are within reach, this boosts sales. Stores which currently use the Gravity Flow Shelving have seen the following: - Enhanced product presentation - Facilitate shopping for customers - Reduction in restocking time by 33% - Eliminated out-of-stock products - Maintained product freshness  ...

Image from Beginning August 1st don't be surprised when you step into a Big Y World Class Market and can't find a plastic shopper bag. The Northeast supermarket chain is saying au revior to the single use product to comply with recent legislation. These laws are banning  this product across many Massachusetts communities. Originally the company released a 2020 end date to the plastic shoppers however they've recently released a sooner date. This is to streamline operations as well as...

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