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Who Are We?

Tricon is a construction, maintenance, and service group pivotal to flawless fixtures in your store. Unique to the group is our all-encompassing capabilities in design, delivery, installation, maintenance, renovation, and customer service. Headquarters, a 15,000 square foot facility located in Oakland, New Jersey, supports the vast array of aptitudes available to service your business.

Why Us?

The Tricon Group, LLC’s mission and commitment is to effectively meet our customers’ needs which are paramount to our company and its success. Our unique approach to achieve this end is with creative, personalized service, which is accomplished through our exceptional field sales associates and our own in-house support and customer service.

Tricon’s capabilities and services ensure that the equipment is running properly and efficiently. Our installation, maintenance and engineering services are designed to meet the needs of the entire supermarket encompassing both preventative and emergency maintenance and repairs.

Capabilities & Services

Construction and refrigeration project management

  • Renovations
  • Large and small scale roll outs
  • Commissioning and recommissioning of refrigeration systems
  • Energy management, design, installation, and consulting
  • Refrigeration design and calculations
  • Store construction and maintenance
  • Equipment warehousing and trucking
  • LED rollouts
  • Special Services

Some of our Customers

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