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Understanding Trends Vs. Fads in the Supermarket Industry

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Understanding Trends Vs. Fads in the Supermarket Industry

Succeeding as a supermarket or grocery store owner has never been more challenging as it is today. The uptick in use of online grocery shopping platforms has put a strain on the traditional aspects of our industry.

The key to success in running a brick and mortar retail store is consistent across the board; listen to your customers. Having a clear understanding of their needs and deciphering between the trends versus the fads will be key.

The overarching trends slated to morph the industry in 2020 include locations and design of the store as well as online retail; luckily we can help with both.

Location and design of the store is crucial, and while we can’t exactly offer help on choosing a site for your store, we can say the trend is less large scale stores in the suburbs. Smaller scale locations closer to urban areas are booming. Consumers are moving closer, or in to urban areas and continue to demand quality store experiences. That’s where we come in. Many manufacturers we partner with offer space saving products to allow you to maximize your merchandising. To us, less space will never mean less room for product or product display. It means we see what fits best in your space and find what is best for aesthetic appeal for your consumers.

While the world of online retail can be daunting to some, this is something the industry is seeing more of.  While you may want to consider it a fad, it’s important to accept that succeeding in online grocery is very important to the longevity of your business. Many business owners are not ‘first adopters’. Understandably so; there is a lot of risk when changing your business. We offer small scale solutions to assist with the in-store to online shopping transition. At first, maybe you offer in-store pick up versus a delivery service. We can help adapt your store to meet the needs of this change with walk-in cooler storage for orders waiting to be picked up. Or additional shelving at the front of the store for non-perishable orders awaiting pick-up.

Ultimately, every store is different. We want to work with you to fit what’s best for the success and longevity of your business. Contact us today; we will come to you, survey your store and learn the needs of you and your customer.

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