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How Will Post-Pandemic Retail Affect YOU?

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How Will Post-Pandemic Retail Affect YOU?

With more states in the yellow phase, it is easier to see the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel. Though there will be lasting affects such as mandatory masks when shopping and increased cleaning standards. Have you considered how this will change and mold your business model?

A recent article from Progressive Grocer concluded 83% of C-level executives at a Massachusetts based consulting firm believe retail and dining have been forever changed since the Covid-19 pandemic. The same study shows 56% feel consumers will lean toward online and curbside shopping.

Do you have the means to meet these demands? How will you need to shift in order to offer virtual shopping?

Here are a few items to consider when looking to pivot your business model:

  • Mobile Hand Washing Stations: Hand washing station throughout the store can help with cleanliness. These stations are easy to relocate and in turn easy to use. A great addition to any department where customers touch multiple products or surfaces.
  • Walk-In Coolers: Perfect for locations offering curbside pick up or online shopping. Remove the clutter and chaos from your storage in the back. Designating a refrigerated location to store already “shopped” orders will minimize order mix up. A separate location for orders provides an accurate number of in-stock items.
  • Touch-less Automated Roll-Up Doors: Less need to touch surfaces will reduce the spread of pathogens. Rollseal doors offer a touch-less kit which can be installed on ALL existing doors.
  • Mobile Checkstands: Offering curbside pick up or outdoor shopping? Mobile check stands can be used the exterior or throughout the interior of the store. Decrease lines and clustering at the front of the store.
  • Gravity Feed Shelving: Lessen the spread of pathogens by less human touch. Gravity feed shelving decreases the need to have employees physically pushing the product forward. The slope of the shelves naturally pulls the product thus replacing the first item removed from the shelf.

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